Breaking ground at the BCHS

The Paul Holland Knowlton House will have a new home at the Brome County Historical Society (BCHS) starting on October 17, 2014. Please follow the progress of its restoration directly on the Progress page.

We look forward to seeing you in 2015 to celebrate the house’s 200th anniversary.

Funds for the projects will now be gathered through the museum. Please make your contribution to: BCHS, 130 Lakeside Road, Town of Brome Lake, QC, J0E IV0. Place in the memo section: Paul Holland Knowlton House on your payment.


Breaking ground at the BCHS

Breaking ground at the BCHS

La Maison Paul Holland Knowlton aura un nouvel endroit à la Société Historique du Comté de Brome (SHCB) à partir du 17 octobre 2014. Suivez le progrès de sa restauration en sur le site web du musée au sauver-la-maison-paul-holland-knowlton

Nous avons hâte de vous voir en 2015 pour célébrer le 200e anniversaire de la maison.

Fonds pour le projet sera collecté au musée. Veuillez acheminer votre don : SHCB, 130, chemin Lakeside, Lac-Brome, QC, J0E IV0. Placez dans la section mémo: Paul Holland Knowlton Maison sur votre paiement.

September Fundraising Update

The fundraising campaign is progressing well with over $30,000 raised in donations and pledges so far, with a special thank-you to the $1000 pledged by a generous donor found through the efforts of Brenda Harman Code, daughter of golf professional Len Harman, shown pictured below next to buildings adjacent to the Paul Holland Knowlton house dating from the time when the property was a farm.

Mr Harman and Mr Ryan at the 1st Tee of the Knowlton Golf Club

Mr Harman and Mr Ryan at the 1st Tee of the Knowlton Golf Club

Contribute to the Fundraising Campaign

Please visit our Donations page where you can make a donation on-line, via Canada Helps, to the fundraising campaign. Alternatively, print and fill out the form and mail your donation to the Townshippers Foundation. Tax receipts will be issued by the Townshippers Foundation for all donations of $25 and more above.

Veuillez visiter notre page de Dons où vous pouvez faire un don en ligne, via site-web le CanaDon, pour contribuer à la campagne de collecte de fonds. Ou bien, imprimez et remplissez le formulaire et envoyez votre don à Fondation des Townshippers. Des reçus d’impôt seront émis par la Fondation des Townshippers pour tous les dons de 25$ et plus au-dessus.

Restoration Plans Well Underway – Wishlist

The citizens committee to save the Paul Holland Knowlton House is moving ahead with planning efforts to restore the house to its original 1815 character and to raise the necessary funds to accomplish this goal.

The house was the first home of Paul Holland Knowlton from 1815 to 1834, the founder of the town of Knowlton, member of the Legislative Assembly and who died in Knowlton in 1864. The other prominent owner of the 316 acres, at a later date, was Christopher Dunkin who became Minister of Agriculture of Canada in 1869 and who died in Knowlton in 1881.

When Knowlton arrived on the shores of Brome Lake there were no roads around the lake and his home access would have been by boat. When the cabin was built there was no urban center close by and it was difficult to transport materials, so the building presumably was constructed from available materials in the surroundings and with basic construction techniques.

The house is situated on the Knowlton golf club property, on Lakeside Road, Knowlton. The club has an agreement with the Town of Brome Lake to pay $20,000 towards moving the original section of the house to a new location. If the necessary funds can be raised, the house can be moved to the Brome County Historical Society Museum, where it can be restored as an 1815 log cabin, one of the oldest in the Eastern Townships.

The committee now has been privileged to work with two local experts to assist in construction costing and planning. Two members of the BCHS Board are also meeting with the group on a regular basis. We now have draft site plans, restoration plans and a materials listing for required
replacement parts for the house such as doors, windows, beams and the reconstruction of the roof. Our experts have given us a wish list and should any local citizens have any of these items in their barns, garages, basements and attics we would be most grateful for their contribution to the project:

  • Square cut logs – 10 x 10
  • Round log beams 16 to 18 feet
  • Pole rafters
  • Pine floor boards and planking
  • Cedar shingles or shakes for the roof
  • Doors and windows of appropriate vintage
  • Antique door hardware
  • Antique lighting fixtures to illuminate future exhibitions

On July 6th, a BBQ dinner was held at the Thirsty Boot, outside Knowlton helping to kick-off the fundraising program. Other fund raising efforts will augment the funds solicited from interested parties and tax receipts are provided for all donations over $25.

Arrangements are in place with the Townshippers’ Foundation to accept funds and issue tax receipts. Cheques should be made to the Townshippers Research and Cultural Foundation (or TRCF) with a notation on the face of the cheque that it is for the Paul Holland Knowlton House.

Please send your donations with your full name, address, telephone number and email address to

100-257 Queen Street,
QC J1M 1K7.

For further information please contact: The Paul Holland Knowlton House Committee at or call 450-242-2491.

Fundraising progress report

We are excited to report on the fundraising progress to-date, following the inaugural fundraiser we held at The Thirsty Boot on July 6th,

Delicious Mechoui

Delicious Mechoui

where we raised close to $2000, thanks to ticket sales, a raffle and a half-and-half draw.

Raffle Prizes

Raffle Prizes

Since then, donations have been arriving and we have, thanks to many generous members of the community, now raised over $15,000. The committee has been working hard to advance the project and have had some architectural drawings created as well as identifying means to keep the costs of the project under control by canvassing the local population for certain items which can be used to help.

A First Successful Fundraising Event

Our first fundraising event, held at The Thirsty Boot on Sunday July 6th 2014, attracted over 135 people from the local and surrounding communities to come out and support this historic house.

Organized by Peter Grahame and Ronnie Daoust, a delicious mechoui was served and money was raised through a raffle and half-and-half draw. We were honoured to be in the presence of Brenda Harman Code, a former resident of the house and whose father was the Golf Pro at the Knowlton Golf Club which has been home to the house since it was built, 199 years ago. Guests enjoyed the perfect weather and took advantage of the beautiful terrace at The Thirsty Boot as well as the generous welcome from owners Lindsay and Sue White. We raised just shy of $2000 at the event and donations, which can be made by sending cheques made out to the Townshippers Research and Cultural Foundation (TRCF) with a note that the money is for the Paul Holland Knowlton House. Their address is

Townshippers Research & Cultural Foundation
100 – 257 Queen Street Sherbrooke, Quebec J1M 1K7
Office: 819-822-3314

Donations can also be made on-line at